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If you are looking for a destination for a corporate offsite then Rajasthan would be one of the most sought-after destinations. Many of the companies turn up here as it is in great proximity to Delhi-NCR. Rajasthan is famous for its rich culture and different royal palaces and forts that depict the ancient history of the place. With CYJ Events (A Unit of Comfort Your Journey Pvt. Ltd), you can make it to the fullest no matter what your company is all about. Forget about the loopholes that you might face at the time of your event. Your whole team can actually work great and have a great bonding as well. Different team-building activities will make all worth it last and these activities can make a great impact on your team.

There are a lot of places in Rajasthan where you can plan for your Offsite or MICE Events like Udaipur, Jaipur, Mount Abu, Pushkar, Neemrana, Sariska, and Ranthambore among others. All the places have several resorts and hotels that offer high-end amenities to make your corporate offsite amazing. These days, whether big or small, every company tries to host corporate team outings for their employees so that they can get a break for some time and can interact with other members of different departments.

To begin with, CYJ Events is one of the best corporate offsite planners that offer the best packages for Corporate Offsite Tours and we cater to all the requirements of our clients at an affordable price. Apart from this, we also help you choose from various corporate offsite venues in Rajasthan. In Rajasthan, you can do sightseeing also and delve into the rich heritage and culture apart from enjoying your event. There is a range of resorts and hotels that we have a tie-up with and you can choose anyone of them according to your needs and budget.

All these luxury hotels & resorts will cater to your needs for both leisure and for business travelers without any hassle. Not only this, we also offer different types of team-building activities that will later help your team to bond better and understand each other on a whole new level. You can also indulge in adrenaline rush games that will build a strong team and a better relationship amongst colleagues and allows them to connect with each other in a better way.

CYJ ensures to facilitate you with the quality of services fulfilling the commitment made earlier. Apart from team-building activities and entertainment sessions, we also strive into managing corporate weekend getaways in Rajasthan and offer amazing accommodations, scrumptious food, and after-party arrangements. In order to make your experience an unforgettable one, you can also avail yourself of the corporate offsite packages that will help in saving a few bucks from your pocket.

Apart from this, CYJ also offers many other corporate event services like MICE, team building activities, offsite tours, and outbound training. If we talk about MICE then there are a lot of services like conference seminars, board meetings, business presentations, brand promotions, product launches, award and gift ceremonies, charity events, training sessions, and much more. These are a great way to tell your employees that they did well which enhances their enthusiasm and commitment to work. And rewarding them with a fun-filled holiday is better than everything else.

Award and gifting ceremonies are done to boost the confidence of the employees who had done tremendous work for the company. Corporate Award and Gift Ceremonies are an integral part of every firm and that should be taken into consideration to boost the confidence and morale of the employees. Just like the Salary and Bonus, the employees expect the right appreciation also. Like, it obviously doesn’t feel good if you are not appreciated for what you do. It increases team morals, they gain the recognition that they deserve and it automatically increases the market share. Corporate Board Meetings are not the places for surprises. The agenda should be effortlessly clear about the topics to be covered. This allows everyone to prepare well in advance. Topics on the agenda should be ordered in terms of importance. There is little point in leaving the most pressing issues to the end of the meeting, when you may find those integral members of the board have to dash off the discussions overrun. Charity Events are becoming popular day by day and many top companies and businesses are opting for it to make a social name and to help the people out there who need a little encouragement for doing something positive for the struggling world. It is a really great thing and can bring a lot of positive benefits to your company name. In addition to supporting and contributing to a wide range of charities, it may also bring many positive business returns.

To build the trust and reliability of your product among the clients, Brand Promotions are important. Just like any other marketing strategy, Brand Promotions have a significant role in the business to tell the clients about your company, potential, or intentions & to drive them with a powerful influence towards purchasing the product or to avail the service of a brand. Although it is quite easier to say that you should do Brand Promotions but the process doesn’t give you success overnight.Having a training session for employees is important these days as it allows the employees to acquire better skills, perform better and increase productivity in a better way for the company. Apart from this, if we talk about outbound training, it is basically done to enhance the efficacy and concentration of the employees and also boost the spirit. It also develops self-confidence, self-development, social and emotional resistance, teamwork, and leadership qualities.

The list doesn’t end here; CYJ also focuses on offering MICE for the entire corporate world in Rajasthan. We understand the pain behind the management of the corporate event that’s why we are here to help you to take away all your stress. Our whole team put efforts to make your event a grand success and a memory for a lifetime. We have an experienced team of people who will cater to your tiniest requirements. By offering you several resorts and hotels in numerous locations, we let you choose your own spot to make it a top-notch experience. These Resorts and Hotels have spacious Banquet Halls, Meeting Rooms, Lawn Areas, and an Amphitheatre that cater to your diverse kind of events easily.

So, are you still wondering where to host your corporate offsite tour? Don’t worry; we are there to help you in every way possible!