Resorts in Jaisalmer

Flanked by the Thar Desert, Jaisalmer city is away from the humdrums of the city life that consists of regal forts and opulent palaces. As a city, Jaisalmer is the pristine and picturesque destination. The place holds a mirror to the true ethos and legacy of the state. If you are more of a traveller who likes to dig into the past on his Weekend Getaways in Jaisalmer then don’t give it a second thought as you will find many things to explore. This destination will put a full stop to all your cravings to know the past of the city when the rulers used to have their rule. It is an amalgamation of tradition as well as modernity. You can also choose the city for Day-Picnic in Jaisalmer and other activities that every elder as well as kids can enjoy to the fullest. There are a lot of places to visit in order to give you a detailed information about past that include Camel rising at sand dunes, forts, temples, lakes and much more exciting things. For your accommodation needs, the Resorts and Hotels in Jaisalmer are one of their kind. Decked up with luxury rooms and all the luxury amenities, you will feel like home along with enjoying the royal hospitality of Rajasthan. These Resorts and Hotels also host Corporate events in Jaisalmer with all the facilities like video projector, Wi-Fi, Video Conferencing systems among others to make your official meetings and conferences more meaningful. Also, these hide-outs are perfect for the Wedding Events in Jaisalmer, if you are planning to have your royal wedding anytime soon. 

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