Resorts in Bhiwadi

Away from any furor and hurly-burly fuss, Bhiwadi is just 40 kilometers away from Gurgaon and is the most promising place to live away from the crowded hustle of metropolitan cities. Anyone who adores peace, comfort, open sky view, and broad roads to get the adrenaline to the next level, Bhiwadi is the place for you. With calm surroundings and contemporary facilities, this place is a perfect blend of work-life balance. Some of the biggest shopping Malls - V Square mall, Genesis mall, Central market, Capital Mall, BB Mall, and Ganpati Plaza are here for your complete entertainment and shopping needs. International food joints viz. Dominos, McDonald's, Pizza Hut, etc. are setting their foot here. Bhiwadi is a perfect Weekend Getaway for a night having luxury Resorts and Hotels in its vicinity. Also, the Wedding Venues in Bhiwadi allow you to organize your special day successfully in the luxury resorts and hotels availing the premium services.

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