Resorts in Bikaner

Tucked in the North-western part of Rajasthan, close to the Thar Desert, this quaint desert town will surely paint a thousand pictures of the British Raj. The historical city will surely surprise you with its impeccable architectures. Because of its authenticity and royalty people flock here every year and the major sightseeing that it offers include Lalgarh Palace, Sri Laxminath Temple, Khimsaur, Churu among others. If you are into knowing the history and the past of the place then you can take a lot of knowledge. Hence, if you are planning your Weekend Getaways in Bikaner, don’t hesitate and take your loved ones along to dip in the royalty of Rajasthan. To keep you engrossed, the hotels and resorts also boasts Day-Picnic in Bikaner so that the guests can enjoy to the fullest. The accommodation of these resorts and hotels are decked up with all the natural elements like fresh air, greenery all over to make you feel good and close to the nature. The Hotels and Resorts in Bikaner also host corporate gatherings and are one of the best for conducting Corporate Events in Bikaner as they offer plenty numbers of facilities for the conferences including projector, speaker, Wi-Fi, Video Conferencing systems and much more in order to enhance your experience. Apart from this, they also boast Wedding Ceremony in Bikaner that can make your D-Day even more special. 

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