RAAS Devigarh, Udaipur

RAAS Devigarh, Udaipur / Null

Upholding the royalty and grandeur of the royal past since 18th century, RAAS Devigarh is a heritage hotel in Udaipur showcasing the beauty and charm of the Rajputana era. With an array of decorative styles and landscape gardens, the hotel maintains the blend of past and modern times. The modern, minimalist design of its interior juxtaposes with the ancient and ornate architecture of its exterior completes its architecture with a bang. Overlooking the perfect views of mountains and countryside, the hotel features 39 well-appointed suites that are a comforting promise of the new and unrivalled experiences that lie in store for every guest at Devigarh. A perfect Weekend Getaway from Jaipur, the hotel in Udaipur is something that will make your vacation memorable.