Park Exotica Resort, Udaipur

Park Exotica Resort, Udaipur / Null

Come to Park Exotica Resort to experience the luxury living amid nature and royal history together. Away from the noise and traffic of the city, the resort is situated in the pristine location and is a great Weekend Getaway from Jaipur. Committed to give you the most comprehensive, environmental, and cultural experience, the resort strives hard to meet the urban demands of the guests. It is surrounded by the mountains and is a true delight for a nature lover. Reflecting the spirits of Rajasthan, the accommodation here is the perfect blend of comfort and luxury. The resort is a matchless escapade if you love history, nature, serenity, modern comfort, scrumptious food, and unparalleled customer service. Also, the resort allows you to pamper your senses and elevate your experience with a state-of-the-art steam and Chill Pool.