Aaram Baagh by Pachar Group, Pushkar, Pushkar

Aaram Baagh by Pachar Group, Pushkar, Pushkar / Null

Owned by the erstwhile royal family of Pachar, Aaram Bagh Resort was established in a pollution-free and an eco-friendly environment in the foothills of the Aravali hills. The resort has a specific architecture that boasts of the ancient era and its cultural impact. Staying in Aaram Bagh will allow you to spend the time in the peaceful environment for your relaxation, recreation, and enjoyment. Surrounded by the panoramic views of the mountains, sand dunes, and green valleys, the serene resort is a bliss away from the crowd. With total of 63 rooms that are categorized into 16 Arabian royal suites, 12 Persian royal suites, 12 Egyptian royal suites, 12 Greek royal suites, and 8 Tribal villas depicts the accommodation in the ancient civilization style. Also, the resort is the best choice for the people who want to celebrate their destination wedding and making it memorable.